Before the program I was having trouble focusing in school and in life. I had experimented with a variety of different drugs over the past 4 years (since I did this program the first time), and felt cloudy and out-of-focus even after I stopped. Doing the sauna program again helped me regain that focus, and figure out why I did drugs in the first place! I even went in thinking I’d continue to smoke cigarettes and realized it was just silly to continue smoking as well. Now I’m three days without smoking a cigarette and I haven’t even had a craving for one. I can sit outside with smokers and not be tempted. The negative energy on drugs had simply blown away during the program. I’m very grateful to Les and Anita for having the Sauna Detox Program available! It’s wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere. As well as cleaning up my body and improving my senses, it put me back on track as a writer and artist. I feel all blocks on my creative talent have been lifted. I’m 100% ready to kick ass in school and work! Bring it on! RS