I started the Body Detox Program very recently. I was willing to do anything to free myself from all the toxins I had been putting in my body. I knew this was a vital first step to my new life. The first day I could actually taste the alcohol and smell it coming out of my pores. I felt a little woozy in the sauna, but made it through. About 30 minutes later I got very nauseous, dizzy, and had a horrible headache. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, then I realized I was re-enacting a hangover! I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt! Well, after the next couple of days in the sauna, I felt much better. This program requires taking niacin which helps push out the toxins. I didn’t realize this also pushes out old or past illnesses that are still stuck in your body. After I took it one day, while I was on the treadmill (which you do before you get into the sauna every day), my ears were ringing very loudly. I then remembered a horrible ear infection I had one year earlier. After the ringing stopped, and I was out of the sauna, ALL of my senses seemed a million times sharper. My eyesight was clearer, my hearing was sharper, and my sinuses seemed to clear! As the days went on I had my ups and downs with the program as I ran toxins out. Then one day something felt different. I was sitting in the sauna a lot longer. Time was just cruising by. It didn’t seem like anything was re-enacting at all. I even turned the temperature up a couple of degrees to really get a sweat going, and still nothing. This was it! I had run all the toxins out of my body! I had completed the Body Detox Program. I feel so ‘in focus’ with life now, not foggy. I can see my future as bright, with a clear body and mind. Thanks to the Body Detox Program, I am now truly hopeful that my life took a major turn in the right direction. — KH