Everyday I spent
in the sauna I felt better than the previous one. It’s almost hard to remember
how I felt before the sauna. Now, I am thinking much more clearly and concisely.
In the beginning, I thought five hours a day was going to be really hard to do.
Although in the end, it was not that difficult.  It gives you an amazing sense of
accomplishment that is well worth the challenge. I feel so much more motivated
than before I did the program. A new healthier me has blossomed. I had no idea
all the things it would cure. Most of all, my insomnia has completely gone away
and that in itself is a huge achievement! My overall health has improved and I
can even get out of bed at 5am and workout, which is a miracle! I used to be
still awake at 5am! Overall, I now feel well rested, brighter, more alert,
clearer, healthier, happier, stronger, more motivated and better than I ever
imagined. AND, my IQ went up 17 points! HC